29th March 2018 - Manatee Books signs Patrick Redmond
We are incredibly excited to announce that Manatee Books has signed international best-selling author Patrick Redmond. Patrick is the author of five thrilling crime novels and we are delighted to be publishing his latest novel, a chilling ghostly tale guaranteed to keep readers up long into the night. 
Lisa Hall says,' I have long been a fan of Patrick's, so to have his manuscript land on my desk was very exciting. This new book sees Patrick head in a slightly different direction, but with a chilling plot and some fabulous characters, readers both new and old will not be disappointed.'
Patrick says, 'I am delighted to be joining Manatee Books!  As my latest novel “The Night Visitor” is a bit of a departure for me I am thrilled that Manatee are as passionate about it as I am and very much look forward to working with them in bringing it to publication.'
7th February 2018 - Manatee Books signs Steph Rogers
We are thrilled to announce that Manatee Books has signed debut author Steph Rogers. Her deliciously dark drama will be published in September 2018.
Lisa Hall says, 'We are delighted to be publishing Steph's debut - she has a fresh and exciting voice that is sure to win her readers over. Add to the mix a dark, twisty plot and you have the perfect recipe for a real page turner.'
Steph says, 'I am thrilled to have signed with Manatee Books and really appreciate how supportive and excited they have been about my book. The team at Manatee are genuinely author-focused, dedicated people and that is beyond worth for debut authors like myself. I am excited at the prospect of them helping me to develop as a writer with their valued input and look forward to writing more exciting thrillers for them to publish.'
20th February 2018 - Lisa Hill signs with Manatee Books
Manatee Books is utterly thrilled to announce that we have signed best-selling women's fiction author, Lisa Hill. Winner of the 2016 Choc Lit Search for a Star competition, Lisa's talent shone out from the first pages of her submission. Her new novel will be published in October 2018. 
Lisa Hall says, 'I was hooked on Lisa's submission from the first page - she has a fresh and exciting voice, and her stories will appeal to fans of Catherine Alliott and Jilly Cooper, without a doubt. I am absolutely delighted to be working with her on this book.'
Lisa Hill says, 'I am absolutely delighted to have signed with Manatee Books; it’s both exciting and reassuring to have found a publisher as encouraging about my writing and enthusiastic about my characters as I am. I simply can’t wait to finally introduce you all to property dynasty, The Hardwickes, especially Lottie, Yorkshire’s answer to Kirstie Allsopp, and all the shenanigans they get up to...'
13th December 2017 - Georgia McDonnell signs with Manatee Books
We are incredibly excited to announce that Manatee Books has signed debut author, Georgia McDonnell. Her YA novel is a unique twist on the usual YA thriller, and will be published in September 2018.
Liz Barnsley says, 'I'm extraordinarily happy to be working on Georgia's beautifully written young adult novel - she has a huge talent for such a young author and I'm sure she'll be an emerging voice within the genre.'
Georgia says, 'I’m so grateful to Manatee Books for helping me fulfil my dream and for giving me the opportunity to share my stories with the world. I am so excited to be working with such a supportive and talented team and I look forward to experiencing this amazing journey with them. My goal is to write young adult novels with a dark twist and introduce you to gritty, complex characters that you’ll love to hate and hate to love…
6th December 2017 - Manatee Books signs women's fiction author Rachel Dove
Manatee Books is thrilled to announce that we have signed popular women's fiction author, Rachel Dove, winner of the 2015 Flirty Fiction Mills&Boon/Prima writing competition. Rachel's brilliantly heart-warming novel will be published in April 2018. 
Lisa Hall says, 'I am utterly thrilled to be working with Rachel - I've been a fan of her work for a long time, and I am incredibly excited to be able to bring Rory to our readers.'
Rachel says, ‘Nice Guys Finish Lonely is a book that challenged me as a writer, and I am delighted to publish it with Manatee. Their energy and enthusiasm about the novel matches mine and I can’t wait for you all to meet my new character, Rory and his friends. Having books published by two amazing publishers is a dream come true, and I can’t wait for 2018 to start!’
15th November 2017 - Manatee Books signs Katy Lilley
We are super excited to announce that Manatee Books has signed women's fiction author, Katy Lilley. No stranger to the publishing world, Katy is the softer, sweeter alter ego of popular erotic romance writer Raven McAllan. Her sweet, romantic chick lit novel will be published in May 2018. 
Lisa Hall says, "I am very excited to be publishing Katy's women's fiction novel - it's a lovely, sweet story with a proper feel-good vibe about it - it will be a perfect summer read."
Katy says, "I can't put into words (and me an author!) how happy and yes, over the moon I am at being able to say I'm now a Manatee author. I'm so pleased that Manatee saw this side of me and decided to give me a chance. From Regency to the present day, I'm going to bring you stories with a twist. My first book with Manatee is set in Devon, definitely one of my favourite places nearer to home."
8th November 2017 - Manatee Books signs Jacqueline Grima
Manatee Books is utterly thrilled to announce the signing of debut author, Jacqueline Grima. An addictively compelling women's fiction novel with a dark undertone, Jacqueline's debut will be published in April 2018. 
Lisa Hall says, "Jacqueline's story had me hooked from the very first page, and we are incredibly excited to have signed her. She is extremely talented, and I love her style - she creates realistic characters that many of us can relate to. I can't wait to share her work with our readers."
Jacqueline says, "I am so excited to be joining the Manatee team and embarking on this adventure with Lisa and Liz. Part of Manatee’s ethos is to make sure that every author is treated equally and that they receive the support needed to ensure that their experience of publishing a novel is everything they expect it to be. So far, that’s exactly what I have received. I couldn’t wish for a better team to be working with on my debut."
20th September 2017 - Manatee Books signs Aine Toner
Manatee Books is incredibly excited to announce that we have signed Irish debut author, Aine Toner. For fans of Marian Keyes and Claudia Carroll, Aine's women's fiction novel is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, following the lives of six Dublin based friends. Hilarious, engaging and down-right saucy, Let's Talk About Six will be published in early 2018. 
Lisa Hall says, "I am absolutely thrilled to be working on this novel with Aine - it had me roaring with laughter when I received the submission, and I have enjoyed every minute of working on it so far. Aine has a incredible turn of phrase, and a wicked sense of humour - something that shines through on every page. We can't wait to get Six out there for our readers to enjoy." 
​Aine says, ""I am fizzing with excitement as something I have thought about and wanted for years is coming true. I am delighted to work with Lisa and Liz at Manatee Books and appreciate their time, guidance and support. I don't think I'll sleep until it's published but after a long time thinking about doing something, I'm so glad I contacted the Manatee ladies. It doesn't seem real but if this is reality, I'll take it!"
28th June 2017 - Manatee Books signs debut author Liz Taylorson
We are incredibly excited to announce that Manatee Books have signed debut author Liz Taylorson. A warm, romantic tale of second chances, love and friendship, Liz's brilliant women's fiction novel, The Little Church by the Sea will be published in November 2017.
Lisa Hall says: "I am incredibly excited by Liz's debut novel - it has everything a good women's fiction story needs. Love, laughs, drama and of course, a protagonist that you can't fail to love."
26th July 2017 - Manatee Books signs James Stansfield
Manatee Books is thrilled to announce the signing of debut author, James Stansfield. James' novel, Anaconda Vice, is a brilliant, fast-paced thriller that is sure to net him a legion of readers. It will be published in February 2018.
Liz Barnsley says, "I am extraordinarily happy to be working with James on his debut thriller Anaconda Vice which is beautifully witty and endlessly entertaining - just the type of novel I like to binge read. James is a talented and intuitive writer and thriller lovers should look forward to meeting  Lucas Winter - a character to watch."
James says, "I could not be more pleased to be joining the Manatee family.  My first conversations with both Lisa and Liz were the kind you dream about having with a publisher when you’re writing.  Hearing their thoughts, enthusiasm and ideas for my book, I knew I was going to be in safe hands.  I am very excited for our future working together and to be a part of their new publishing venture."

14th June 2017 - Manatee Books signs best-selling writer Neil White

We are delighted to announce that Manatee Books have signed best-selling crime writer Neil White. Although Neil will continue to write crime fiction for Bonnier Zaffre, Manatee Books has obtained the rights to Neil's non-crime novel Lost in Nashville. An emotional story of a father and son trying to reconnect through their love of Johnny Cash, it's a very different tale from his usual fare.

Lisa Hall says, "Manatee Books are over the moon at signing Neil. Lost in Nashville is a beautiful, emotional story, one that is sure to break readers hearts, and we can't wait to work with Neil."


Neil says, “My first love has always been crime fiction, but Lost In Nashville is the story that had always burned inside me, wanting to be written. I’m so pleased to entrust it to Manatee, whose enthusiasm for the book will help it to reach those who want to read it.”

Lost in Nashville will be published on 9th November 2017.


8th June 2017 - Manatee Books signs Daniel Culver

We are thrilled to announce that Manatee Books have signed debut author, Daniel Culver. A writer and editor based in east London, Daniel’s quirky crime novel will be published in March 2018.


Lisa Hall says; “Liz and I are absolutely delighted to be working with Daniel on his debut novel. It’s a quirky crime story, reminiscent of Fargo and Chris Whitaker’s Tall Oaks - as soon as we read his submission we knew we wanted to sign him.”


Daniel says; “The most valued thing for an author, I believe, is finding someone who connects with your work. Therefore, I am absolutely thrilled to be part of this new venture at Manatee, working with such a brilliant (and knowledgeable) team, who not only share the same vision for my book, but also an ethos for publishing progressive, quality fiction.”